The philosophy

ART strives to be a company based on the highest moral values. In order to achieve and maintain these values, ART ensures that its representatives and collaborators act in full compliance with the law, with the utmost clarity and fairness.

Respect for its employees, the soul of any company, and for their humanity and dignity, as well as the environment we all share, are of capital importance to ART. The company also makes every effort to protect the confidentiality of personal data, in a scenario of fair competition. ART's keywords are transparency, integrity and confidentiality.

The company

ART was born to pursue excellence through the development of innovative products for the world of motorsport, which could subsequently be supplied to all the main F1 teams.

The challenge

The intuition was that of the founder, Giancarlo Luigetti, who saw the digital future of motorsport as the road to more competitive cars.

The challenge has therefore been to combine skills and professionalism in order to innovate and produce high-tech systems for telemetry, storage and data processing applications.

Il Pischiello

Adriano Olivetti is the source of inspiration for our company. Following in his futuristic footsteps, the founders decided to invest in a company that puts people and beauty at the centre of its very existence. The Olivetti dream, therefore, has been translated into reality with the transfer of all activities, even industrial production, to the eighteenth-century hamlet of Pischiello: a bridge between past and future.

and quality

ART is now positioned internationally as a partner of excellence for in-car innovation by providing electronic systems for infotainment, dashboards and entertainment for drivers and travellers.

A company that, thanks to its dedication to constantly evolving quality, obtains fundamental certifications for the sectors in which it operates.


Through a dedicated, flexible and independent team the company invests in innovation by creating the systems of the future with particular attention to user experience.


Cybersecurity is a daily challenge for products and services that must guarantee the highest security standards. From conception to production, ART is able to maintain control and ensure the transparency of the entire process, ensuring quality and results.

The vision

ART strives every day towards the revolutionary future of driving experience, while carefully considering the current market and new technologies

The passion

The engine that drives ART is passion: it pushes us to be more daring, breaking the mould and creating innovative solutions to change the way we experience cars and technology in general.

The dream

ART sees its future as a crucible of ideas and innovation for an ethical business that manages to change the relationship between man and technology.