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19 Gen 2024

ART Spa announces the arrival of Gabriele Pieraccini as Chief Technology Officer

ART Spa announces the arrival of Gabriele Pieraccini as Chief Technology Officer

New entry to the team of ART, a leading Italian provider of infotainment systems, Gabriele Pieraccini joins the team as Chief Technology Officer.
After consolidating its position in recent years as a partner of the leading luxury sports car manufacturers, ART has set itself the strategic goal of becoming a technology player capable of operating in other highly complex markets such as aeronautics and agritec in addition to its native automotive market.


The arrival of Gabriele Pieraccini brings his solid and wide-ranging experience gained in the automotive and high-tech sector, where he has held important positions in national and international high-tech companies such as Bosch, Ferrari, Apple and Lamborghini, managing multidisciplinary teams with strong leadership and technological skills.


Francesco Ortix


Francesco Ortix, CEO of ART Spa, commented: “A company that really wants to evolve in any field must invest in top-level human and technological capital, which must be managed, maintained and implemented day after day. Today, technology is indispensable to ensure the growth of a company like ART, and Gabriele Pieraccini’s great expertise and technical skills will help us to develop and grow our organisation, as well as improve our competitiveness in our target markets”.




The new CTO, Gabriele Pieraccini added: “Happy to be part of the ART team and grateful for this awesome opportunity to lead this great team in this journey towards the future.”



ART is founded in the early 2000s and based in the evocative Villa del Pischiello in Passignano sul Trasimeno.

Thanks to its know-how and achievements, ART is now positioned internationally as a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive innovation and high-tech infotainment, dashboard and entertainment systems for the super sport and luxury markets.  In more recent times ART has leveraged its high-level experience and expertise towards the global automotive market as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles and agricultural machinery.

This fast-growing company now employs about 300 people and represents a point of excellence of Made in Italy capable of competing with large multinational groups active in the sector.



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