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15 Mag 2024

Z-incubator project: when sticking to values can make a difference

Z-incubator project: when sticking to values can make a difference

In 2023, we received the HR Mission 2023 award in the youth category from AIDP and the Fondazione AIDP Lavoro e Sostenibilità (Work and Sustainability Foundation) for our commitment to offering students the opportunity to learn technical as well as transversal skills, regardless of their educational qualifications. It is with this philosophy in mind that we initiated the ‘Z-incubator’ project.

What is the Z-incubator project?

Our experience in the industry has taught us that graduates in philosophy or architecture can become high-level developers if properly supervised and trained. The project, of course, requires that a candidate is interested in the world of tech but also in adhering to ART’s values, which is a key asset to enable us to select the right people, so that we can ensure that they learn specific technical skills and so as to create a work environment capable of transferring knowledge.

What is the objective?

The main objective of the Z-incubator project is to generate value, first and foremost social value, by providing young people included in the training pathway with a wealth of technical and transversal skills.

How is the project structured?

The project stems from a synergy with schools, training colleges and universities that allow us to establish contact with talented young people in the area. The selection process then consists of two fundamental steps:

  1. selection of aspiring candidates on the basis of their value set up as well as a technical assessment
  2. the organization of a 6-month training course led by dedicated mentors, people who have a technical background and a passion for the field in which they work.

Mentoring is a highly important aspect for us because we firmly believe in the principle that “how” matters more than “what” is taught.

What innovations have we introduced with the project?

The elimination of the educational qualification entrance filter is truly revolutionary for us, allowing us to evaluate people for their “human” rather than “technical” skills.

Social value is also an element that must not be overlooked: we know that ART will never be able to directly employ all the young people who complete the training process, but our goal is to provide these young people with a skill set that can be immediately put to use in the labour market.

Results achieved

During 2023, 12 trainees were taken on by ART through this project, of whom 8 were then directly employed and 3 are still completing their internship period.

Our aim is to double the number of internships through Z-incubator, extending the model to the areas of hardware and innovation.



ART is founded in the early 2000s and based in the evocative Villa del Pischiello in Passignano sul Trasimeno.

Thanks to its know-how and achievements, ART is now positioned internationally as a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive innovation and high-tech infotainment, dashboard and entertainment systems for the super sport and luxury markets.  In more recent times ART has leveraged its high-level experience and expertise towards the global automotive market as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles and agricultural machinery.

This fast-growing company now employs about 300 people and represents a point of excellence of Made in Italy capable of competing with large multinational groups active in the sector.


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