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23 Nov 2023

Talents Venture launch initiative of their new program “Tomorrow Education”

Talents Venture launch initiative of their new program “Tomorrow Education”

On Friday, November 17, ART participated in the event organized by Talents Venture for the launch initiative of their new program “Tomorrow Education”


The Program:

Tomorrow Education is a set of projects dedicated to the future of education in relation to the social and technological changes. The idea stems from a strong belief that, through the use of technology and data, it is possible to help individuals and organizations navigate an ever-changing world, giving them the tools to understand and to lead change.


Our involvement:

Together with female and male students, University, ITS, other companies and institutions including ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research) we made our contribution to envisioning the future of Education by actively participating in one of the three thematic panels organized for this launch event, where we illustrated our perspective on the challenges of education systems.

In ART, we strongly believe that Education is a fundamental pillar to enable the growth of individuals as well as society, and we are working and collaborating to ensure that education helps us project ourselves into the future in the light of the social and technological changes we are currently going through.


The panels:

  • “Skills shortage and skills mismatch: how to identify and train the skills needed?”
  • “Learning Gap. How to structure effective courses?”
  • “Engagement Gap. How to increase accessibility and attractiveness across educational pathways?”


Focus on” our contribution to the panel:

Our colleague Raffaella Sarlo, “User Experience” section manager, panel speaker “Skills shortage e skills mismatch: how to identify and train the skills needed?”, shared with students the path that led her to her current position at ART, talking about the skills she developed within the University of Perugia as well as what influenced her successful entry into the world of work.

She explained which of the services offered by the university, from teaching to placement, had a significant impact on her educational journey. Definitely it is a practical example of the smooth functioning of active collaboration tools between universities and the world of work. Raffaela feels that she is “a child of a virtuous circle of collaboration” that can and should be triggered between the University, ITS, High Schools, and Business, thus fostering not only an entry into the labor market but also a smooth and successful entry into the labor market. Raffaela also shared with the other panelists the commitment and vision of a company like ART that constantly invests in local resources. The constant collaboration between the world of education and our company, which takes an active part in the growth and search for talent, fosters and guarantees those virtuous paths that then lead to success stories in entering the world of work.


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