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14 Dic 2023

Rear seat: a journey into the future

Rear seat: a journey into the future

Infotainment systems take their name from the fusion of two English words, “information” and “entertainment,” i.e., areas that are fundamentally linked and closely linked to the concept of “experience.” The infotainment system has become increasingly articulated, specifically in order to provide the required degree of flexibility so as to offer a range of effective customization solutions and to respond to a wide variety of market demands.


Over the past decade, ART has assisted and followed its clients step by step by first customizing the digital instrument display, then moving on to the concept of digitization of the entire cockpit, going so far as to pay attention to the smallest details of the on-board experience of all passengers with the introduction of Rear Seat Entertainment.


We are talking about an evolution that has redefined the way software platforms themselves are designed, bringing the central system to initially manage a single display, due to the increased computing power available and the increasing and refined optimization of hardware and software resources; then moving on to a system consisting of instrument panel, central display, and passenger display, before reaching today’s state of the art, where two rear displays are added to the above mentioned 3 displays, for passenger entertainment.


The automobile has become a symbol of the future and innovation, which is why the possibility of introducing infotainment systems – dedicated to rear seat occupants – is becoming a trend that we count on expanding in the coming years, even in the luxury car segment. Infotainment and various driver assistance systems, in this sense, play a very important strategic role in ensuring competitiveness.


What kind of scenarios lie ahead? ART, for its part, is constantly on the lookout for future trends and is carefully poised to recognize market potential.


Constantly remaining proactive towards generating innovative solutions is a key element for us, and we are always ready to face new challenges to ensure an elegant combination of technology, innovation and tradition


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