Our History


Our History


ART was founded in Milan in the year 2000 by Giancarlo Luiget, who envisioned the digital future of motorsport as a path towards ever more competitive machines. ART aims to provide high performance products for the racing sector and specifically for F1. There are three product lines: electronic, electromechanical and hydraulic products.


ART has become the connecting link between MM (Magneti Marelli) and the world of Perugia University as well as between MM and the spin off companies Wis and Digilab2000, which have experience in multimedia communication, digital electronics and radio transmission. The challenge is to combine skills and professionalism and bring them together in order to innovate.


In this phase, the first MM “Powered by ART” products appeared. The objective is the design and manufacturing of electronic and electromechanical products for motorsport, in the segments of Formula 1, Rally and Moto GP.


The Marshalling System, developed for and marketed to the F1 championship, is ART's flagship product, which aims to increase the safety of a race by providing the positioning of the car and allowing information to be sent bidirectionally between the car and the car's control centre.


ART decided to move its operational headquarters to the hamlet of Pischiello in Passignano, Umbria. As the market evolved, the business line changed and has become that of a service and production company independent of MM


The skills and products developed for F1 have also been transversally geared towards new highly competitive markets such as aerospace, defence and railways with the participation of ART in the development of products with a high technological content and critical safety requirements.


ART together with TEMIS, an associated company which operates in the aerospace sector, have created a telemetry system for transmitting data and video from the European Space Agency’s Vega rocket, a satellite launcher. This is a totally innovative system from a technical point of view, with some component traits derived from the world of Motorsport.


In 2010 MATE was created, the test-laboratory at the service of that serves ART in the development of devices related to the Automotive world.


Thanks to its ability to adapt to market demands, ART has become a product company which always begins its work from the know-how acquired in F1 and telemetry. This has led to a collaboration with Apple for the first ART CarPlay product, presented at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.


ART introduced the ICU (I am the Control Unit) infotainment platform, its first connected infotainment system for the luxury market. It has since become Tier-1 for infotainment products in the reference market.


Thanks to its know-how and the results obtained, ART is now positioned internationally as a manufacturer and supplier of reference for automotive innovation and high-tech infotainment, dashboard and entertainment systems for the super sports and luxury markets. The keywords in ART are innovation, quality, security (cybersecurity).