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07 Mar 2023

FUTURE FEMALE: An achievement that makes us proud but also prompts us to pause for thought.

FUTURE FEMALE: An achievement that makes us proud but also prompts us to pause for thought.

FUTURE FEMALE: An achievement that makes us proud but also prompts us to pause for thought.


At the 2nd edition of the call for proposals “Future Female. Welfare and sustainability of women’s work”, instituted by the Regional Councillor for Equality, Rosita Garzi, in collaboration with the Social and Cultural Promotion Association “Sovrapensiero”, ART Spa won first place, jointly with the company SINTAGMA.


The award aims to promote and highlight virtuous cases of corporate welfare dedicated to women, and ART has shown that it devotes attention to this specific issue. Our participation in this call has also given us the opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished in recent months.


ART Spa, founded in the early 2000s and located in the picturesque Villa del Pischiello in Passignano sul Trasimeno, is today one of Italy’s leading suppliers of connected infotainment systems and digital cockpits for luxury sports cars. A world that is considered predominantly male, but which ART has instead sought to open up to female skills, enhancing women’s abilities and guaranteeing fair access to positions of responsibility within its organization. Suffice to say that ART now has 20% women in its workforce, a figure that is growing steadily if one compares it to the years 2020 and 2021 when women were 12% and 15% respectively.


The year 2022 saw the creation of a new body, Organizational Development, which in collaboration with HR created a new program: “Oxygen”. This project, run by a predominantly female team, aims to increase the engagement of people in ART by helping them to develop the tools they need to best meet the challenges that await us in the future as a company, a group and as citizens.


Various initiatives have thus been activated, including:


ART Academy aimed at developing soft skills, transversal skills and emotional intelligence to increase the versatility of each individual

ART FOOD REVOLUTION, a sustainability project for and in the surrounding area that foresees the certification of the canteen service by the CCPB organization with the involvement of many local producers, thereby setting in motion a virtuous process for our territory with ethical and social repercussions.


ART is a young and innovative company, and it is precisely because of this characteristic that is so strong in its DNA that it has always been a strongly digitized company. This is why it has been so successful in immediately activating flexible work policies that today allow it to be closer to the needs of women in order to help them better combine private life (especially post-maternity) and work, also through other contractual flexibility tools (e.g. part-time).


ART is not stopping: there are many initiatives planned for 2023. Let’s keep going like this!
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