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26 Giu 2024

Are artificial intelligence, sustainability and welfare assets for the enterprise of the future?

Are artificial intelligence, sustainability and welfare assets for the enterprise of the future?

Today’s companies are truly ecosystems: customers and investors pay attention to the corporate social responsibility and brand reputation of the companies they interact with. The work environment requires ever more flexibility and environmental impact is a reality that can no longer be ignored but must be managed and accompanied. For all these reasons, the future of corporate welfare is destined to transform in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow and become a multi-level expression of a sustainable corporate reputation.

At ART, for example, we always try to place the individual right at the centre of any sustainability project and to this individual we offer a range of benefits and programmes that can help improve the quality of work and, ultimately, of life.

Needless to say, among the many benefits of corporate welfare that works one cannot overlook the environmental ones: less travel thanks to smart working policies, contributions to encourage the use of car pooling, preferably with low emissions. It is a transversal approach to welfare that takes into account the needs of employees and the social and environmental impact.

In this context of a global future, moreover, a key role for our companies is played by institutions that, by incentivising investment, act on two levels: providing a vision of a future in which businesses and families thrive, and nurturing the growth of the entrepreneurial fabric so that it is able to compete internationally. An example in this sense are the initiatives that favour the digitalisation and competitive strengthening of the Italian productive base.

Increasingly, companies are becoming the protagonists of a transition towards a more sustainable model and are doing so through concrete actions: green marketing, rethinking products and materials with a view to durability and sustainability, rationalisation of energy costs, intelligent use of resources, and waste reduction through targeted regulatory processes. Last but not least, the trump card of the companies of the future will be the ability to develop effective change management strategies to guide the company through technological transitions, effectively integrating Artificial Intelligence into long-term business processes and strategies. One of the challenges of the future will be, in ART and other Italian businesses, to create the right balance between using AI technologies to improve productivity and maintaining a healthy workload for each employee.


ART is founded in the early 2000s and based in the evocative Villa del Pischiello in Passignano sul Trasimeno.

Thanks to its know-how and achievements, ART is now positioned internationally as a leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive innovation and high-tech infotainment, dashboard and entertainment systems for the super sport and luxury markets.  In more recent times ART has leveraged its high-level experience and expertise towards the global automotive market as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles and agricultural machinery.

This fast-growing company now employs about 300 people and represents a point of excellence of Made in Italy capable of competing with large multinational groups active in the sector.


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