Parking assistance system

Cars of the future will probably not need a driver. But getting to this extraordinary milestone will be a step by step process. ART is making its own contribution to this evolution: we were the first company to build a parking assistance solution based on video cameras, and this has been given the FMVSS.111-NHTSA certificate by the US road safety agency.



The telemetry systems mean that the driving experience can be enhanced to give better performance and are used by Formula 1 drivers. Thanks to ART, owners of cars produced by some of the best car manufacturers can get this enhanced driving experience.



We design and build infotainment systems for the automobile sector, which can interface with any smartphone and navigation system. They also give users an immersive and intuitive experience which is easy to use, even while driving, with complete control of all functions, from multimedia to air conditioning and vehicle condition.

Vision, signal processing and transmission

Aerospace and Defence

Over the years ART S.p.A has invested in research, training and equipment for planning and building high-performance systems for all markets which require high quality, such as aerospace and defence. Specialising in vision, signal processing and transmission systems, ART provides complete consultancy, design and production systems, or individual parts of them, ensuring the high quality of processes and products.