Data Processing and Transmission

The future of the automotive sector will depend on how it interprets things, its reaction speed and its innovative capacity. These are characteristics that we have fostered since our foundation and which are shown and fostered by an approach that is increasingly aimed at quality and the client.

Over the years we have also designed, produced and supplied innovative systems for the motorsport and aerospace sectors for receiving and transferring data in real time.

Our distinctive feature, and the greatest factor in our success is the “zero mistakes” policy that is aimed at reducing and eliminating errors with quality processes, from the design stage right up to production, with an iterative workflow to:

  • prevent mistakes
  • identify mistakes
  • react to mistakes
  • eliminate mistakes


over the years, ART has created and produced:

  • high-performance telemetric systems for the car racing world;
  • high-performance, on-board car data loggers for digital/analogical data with a high degree of electronic and mechanical reliability;
  • signal treatment and processing;
  • control and monitoring of power signals for electric motor power supplies;
  • data/audio/video telemetric systems for space ships;
  • railway line monitoring systems;