An engine for the development of the region


ART creates projects and makes excellent, high-performance electronic equipment for the automotive, motorsport and railway sectors.

From concept to production with an entirely internal cycle that is quick and flexible, we are able to maintain and guarantee the transparency of the entire process, ensuring quality and results.

The key features of our daily work are being innovative, close to the client, proactive and ambitious. Thanks to our sister company Temis and MATE we develop projects and solutions in the Aerospace and Defence sectors and we carry out tests and award certifications.

Our philosophy

ART stands in the market as a company with morally elevated values:
full observance of laws, respect for the workers who animate it,
for the dignity of people and for the territory, in a scenario of fair competition.

Intellectual property

Innovation and research

Innovation and research are the fuel of the engine that drives us, and special attention is paid to the confidentiality of client relationships and the protection of the intellectual property which stem from them

Our mission


Looking first to the client and then to the market, we ensure speed and flexibility so as to swiftly and effectively satisfy specific demands; we work side by side with clients from the design stage right up to after sales assistance

A success story

Our goals

Our innovative programme for safety in Formula One, telemetry for space programmes; the world's first Carplay system; the first NHTSA-certified parking system; the first professional telemetry system for GT cars derived from Formula One


Il Pischiello, which has been the headquarters of ART SpA since 2008, has emerged from the restoration of an ancient village located in the hills of Passignano sul Trasimeno. It has its origins in a landholding which belonged, between the 15th and 18th centuries, to the family of the marquesses of Bourbon di Sorbello, one of Italy’s oldest and wealthiest aristocratic families.


With twenty years’ experience in signal processing for high-performance systems for special markets, such as

Aerospace | Defence | Railways | Automotive | Motorsport

ART has complete command of, and skills in the digital processing, vision and mobile connectivity areas, and of user interaction. With special attention paid to the usability, ergonomics and reliability of products, the company provides turn-key systems to increase the safety and user experience in using the vehicle or the system in general.

Data Processing and Transmission

We have extensive skills in signal processing, digital processing and transmission. We have designed and produced complex motorsport and aerospace systems to receive and transfer data in real time.


Using our skill in communication, interface management, vehicle networks and protocols and systems for smartphone connection systems, we create innovative and dependable systems which ensure high-level performance with special attention paid to ergonomic usage and graphic style

Viewing Technology

The only Italian producer of certified automotive videocameras and the first to make and sell NTHSA-certified viewing systems, we can boast advanced skills in the theory, processes and technologies linked to vision.


We have developed internal skills to build control systems which can simplify the use of complex, advanced functions.


With complete control over the process, from the concept stage right up to production, ART ensures that its products are innovative and dependable, and give clients a complete service for the entire product cycle. ART currently produces systems for the following markets:

Automotive | Aerospace | Motorsport | Railways | Defence


We have developed parking systems with single or double videocameras which can be perfectly integrated with the vehicle with elevated levels of performance in terms of picture quality and reliability


Strengthened by our experience in supplying systems used in Formula One, we are active in the Motorsport area with the provision of solutions and products for viewing, telemetry and man/machine interface management


Over the years we have invested in research, training and equipment for planning and building high-performance systems for all the markets that require high quality levels, such as aerospace and defence.


We are specialists in producing dependable control systems for the railway sector, which are designed to ensure the safety of both people and trains themselves.