Paolo Nespoli ART Spa

today we had the honor of welcome, in our Pischiello facilities, to astronaut Paolo Nespoli; it was a great opportunity for a technical and human meeting thank to hanks to his engeneer skills and to his life experience.

we talk also about „fear“, astronaut Nespoli says:

“ Fear is the feeling that is generated from what we don’t know, that have many imprevist some of that could generate which situations that our brain considering dangerous; we win the fear with study and training session in order to learn how manage risk and emergency situation; in practice we are able to deal with complications and contingencies, going to react in the best way by addressing, fixing or containing the problem. “

we showed him also our aerospace and avionic advanced electronics telemetry systems, that was used for Vega and ExoMars projects;

100% Italian technology that is made between Milan, Torrita di Siena and Passignano sul Trasimeno.