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17 Feb 2023

ART FOOD REVOLUTION: Sustainability and care for the territory

ART FOOD REVOLUTION: Sustainability and care for the territory

Nowadays, there is an ever-growing attention paid to the concepts of environmental sustainability, the proper use of resources and the reduction of pollutant emissions. Responsible interaction with the environment is essential in order to continue producing goods and services and at the same time safeguard the Planet, thus ensuring it is preserved for future generations.

This concept is also frequently associated with the world of catering, both in terms of the quality of products as well as in the way in which products are prepared and consumed.


In this short interview with Francesco Ortix, Chief Executive Officer of ART SpA, we explore the ART FOOD REVOLUTION project connected with our company canteen.


1. What is the ART FOOD REVOLUTION project?


Here at ART we are used to talking about pathways rather than projects, and the one we are following in our company cafeteria is an example of this!
Through close collaboration with the company that runs the cafeteria – Consorzio il Bove 2 soc. cooperativa sociale together with all of their staff – we are implementing a series of strategies aimed at ensuring quality both in terms of the raw materials used in the preparation of the meals we serve and in the preparation methods and the general management as well.


2. How are you carrying out this project?


The first objective we set ourselves was achieved a few days ago when we obtained the “Conosci il Tuo Pasto” (Know Your Meal) certification created by the CCPB, a certification and control body for food and “non food” products obtained in the organic and eco-friendly and eco-sustainable production sector.

Sustainability and, specifically, sustainable development concern the environmental, economic and social spheres in an interconnected way. Together, these three dimensions contribute to the definition of well-being and progress, and it is starting from this principle that we have initiated the development and growth of our project.


3. What is the “Know Your Meal” certification and how does it work?


“Know Your Meal” identifies a set of requirements for organizations that serve food and beverages, emphasizing raw materials and ingredients, non-food consumables, ethical and environmentally sustainable behaviour.
This certification has spurred us to adopt a series of virtuous behaviours in the 5 qualifying areas: Quality Products, Territory & Traditions, Ethics, Sustainability and Veg.


4. How have you fulfilled the requirements of the 5 areas?


The first area led us to choose quality products such as those from organic farming and then in conversion to organic and slow food presidia with recognized, highly appreciated and certified characteristics. Then in a second phase, this led to the gradual discovery of our territory and its traditions. The most demanding but also the most rewarding work is the continuous search for new small producers who allow us, once a week, through the distinctive nature of their products, to discover villages, territories, new recipes and culinary traditions.
The service is also performed in an ethical and sustainable way thanks to the use of disposable, compostable material and biodegradable detergents.


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