ART produces cutting-edge infotainment from both a technical and user experience point of view.

An immersive, safe and engaging driving experience

"The cars of the future probably won't need a driver, but even this extraordinary milestone will be reached 'step by step'."

ART is also contributing to this evolution: more than 20 years of experience in high-end technology markets allows ART to offer an end-intuitive and user- friendly experience even while driving. Through our systems, customers experience innovative and high-performance solutions such as a complete infotainment system including custom free form displays and multi camera parking assistance.

Automotive ART Products: Infotainment HMI Telemetry

Our automotive products


TEMIS is ART’s division that designs and produces high-technology devices and equipment for use in the aerospace and defence sectors. TEMIS is specialised in electronics, computing, monitoring and automation, simulation, navigation, structural mechanics and thermal energy.

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Temis company
Mate Company


MATE is a cutting edge laboratory that carries out tests and experimental investigations, both in the lab as well as in the field, to provide its customers with immediate, reliable and comprehensive information. Its clients come from the Automotive, Motorsport, Aerospace, Defence, Railway and Biomedical sectors.

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Our company is human centred - we are not a “products company”, we are a “people company”

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